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Government Assistance Schemes

Helping your business grow
Government Assistance Schemes
HSBC is a participating financial institution of the government assistance schemes administered by SPRING Singapore and IE Singapore.

Available to small and medium enterprises, choose a suitable scheme to fund your daily business operations, free up your cashflow for new business opportunities or increase your working capital.

Internationalisation finance scheme
There are three types of loans
Asset-based financing for:
- Purchase of fixed assets (new or old) for overseas usage
- Purchase of land or buildings overseas
- Construction of buildings overseas
Structured loans for:
- Funding of secured overseas projects
- Financing of expenses of confirmed overseas sales orders
Banker's guarantee for:
- Issuance of guarantee facilities for secured overseas projects
Find out more at International Enterprise Singapore website
Loan insurance scheme
You can use the loan to:
Establish a new business venture, inventory storage and distribution hub
Extend into new markets and product lines
Expand existing manufacturing capacities and distribution channels
Increase working capital
Financially support majority-owned overseas subsidiaries
Find out more at SPRING Singapore website
Local enterprise finance scheme
You can use the loan to:
Establish a viable new business
Modernise and automate your plant and machinery
Expand your existing manufacturing capacity
Diversify into other product lines
Purchase factory or business premises (only JTC or HDB properties)
Find out more at SPRING Singapore website
Micro loan
You can use the loan to:
Purchase new equipment
Renovate your premises
Fund your daily operations
Find out more at SPRING Singapore website
Gain better access to financing and improve your cashflow position
Competitive business advantage for growth
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