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Every year, students from Asia Pacific leave home to study abroad in countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, and United States. Parents can find the process quite overwhelming which is why HSBC Premier is here to help you.
Researching and planning
The first step is to determine which country best suits your child. This is the key to financial planning as education and living expenses differ from country to country.
Understanding your destination
From general country information to education system overviews, our country and education guides aim to help you.
Estimating your costs
You can estimate the finances required with our education planning calculator*.
Financial support
Project how much you will need to support your child's education. Average/indicative tuition fees and living expenses for key destination countries are for reference only.
Local currency equivalent Australia United Kingdom United States
Tuition fees per annum      
Secondary School AUD9,000 - AUD18,000 GBP12,000 - GBP18,000 USD20,000 - USD50,000
Certificate/Diploma AUD13,000 - AUD18,000 GBP12,000 - GBP18,000 N/A
Foundation Studies AUD19,000 - AUD35,000 GBP13,000 - GBP25,000 USD11,000 - USD18,000
Community College N/A N/A USD9,000 - USD18,000
Art/Business AUD18,000 - AUD31,000 GBP11,500 - GBP16,600 USD24,000 - USD54,000
Medicine/Science AUD23,000 - AUD33,000 GBP16,000 - GBP23,500
Living expenses AUD9,000 - AUD14,000 GBP8,000 - GBP14,000 USD12,000 - USD25,000
Tuition fees per annum      
Secondary School SGD11,860 - SGD23,720 SGD24,572 - SGD36,859 SGD25,598 - SGD63,995
Certificate/Diploma SGD15,813 - SGD18,449 SGD24,572 - SGD36,859 N/A
Foundation Studies SGD23,720 - SGD46,123 N/A SGD14,079 - SGD23,038
Community College N/A N/A SGD10,879 - SGD21,758
Art/Business SGD19,767 - SGD39,534 SGD20,477 - SGD28,668 SGD28,157 - SGD46,076
Medicine/Science SGD23,720 - SGD39,534 SGD30,715 - SGD43,001
Cost of living SGD11,860 - SGD18,449 SGD14,333 - SGD26,620 SGD15,358 - SGD31,998

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The information provided is intended as a general guide for reference. Benefits and features may be subject to local country regulatory restrictions. Please refer to the Premier Service Guide for detailed information.