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HSBC's Rewards Programme 2013/2014

HSBC's Rewards Programme 2013/2014

Uncover life's sweetest pleasures

Uncover life's sweetest pleasures
There is something for everyone in HSBC's Rewards Programme - from everyday essentials to gourmet delights, as well as a dedicated luxe section to cater to your fancy side.

Exclusive Preferential Rewards

  • HSBC Premier MasterCard® credit cardholders redeem all items* with
    10% less points
  • HSBC Visa Infinte credit cardholders redeem Prestige Selections items with
    10% less points
Not applicable for redemption of air miles, Vacations vouchers, HSBC’s Mileage Programme Annual Enrolment Fee, cash credit, annual fee waivers, charity rewards items and purchase of Rewards points.
Redeeming your rewards

Online Redemption

1. Click here.
2. Select Rewards Category.
3. Select item(s) for redemption.
4. Enter the quantity to redeem.
5. Click "Add Selections to Cart". You may continue to browse and redeem other items.
6. When you are done with your selection, click on "View Cart" to verify your redemption.
7. Click "Redeem now" to proceed.
8. Enter your online@hsbc (Personal Internet Banking) ID and password to confirm redemption. If you are not an online@hsbc customer yet, simply click here to register.

Phone Redemption

1. Call 1800-REWARDS (739 2737).
2. Select 1 for "Redemption".
3. Key in your 16-digit HSBC credit card number and press #.
4. Key in the redemption code of your selected item and press #.
5. Key in the quantity to redeem and press #.
6. Key in your NRIC or passport number and press #.
7. Key in your mobile number and press #.
8. To redeem more rewards, select 1. To end the call, select 9. To speak to a Customer Service Representative, call 1800-HSBC NOW (4722 669).


Not enough Rewards points?

You can still redeem great rewards by topping up with additional Rewards points at S$8 per block of 1,000 Rewards points!* The cash amount will be charged to your HSBC credit card. Simply call 1800-HSBC NOW (4722 699) to redeem.
* Not applicable for redemption of air miles. Redemption for Rewards points top-up has to be accompanied with a concurrent redemption of another Rewards item.