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  For your banking security, please note that repeated submissions of incorrect password / security code will disable your access to Internet
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Important Security Messages
Please click here for more information on how to protect yourself against online fraud
IMPORTANT: New on-going Malware currently targeting Internet Banking customers

Customers are advised to click here to view the full advisory alert.
1. Important tips on protection against fraud through use of your Security Device
  • At logon, do not enter any numbers generated from the internet into your Security Device.
  • HSBC will never provide you with any numbers or beneficiary-related information onscreen to input into your Security Device to generate a security code. (Refer to Example 1)
  • You will only be guided on how to use the device and will not be shown any beneficiary-related information via the telephone or onscreen. (Refer to Example 2)
  • If unusual screens pop up and/or the computer's response is unusually slow, customers are advised to log out from the Internet Banking completely and scan the computer with the most updated version of virus protection software.

Example 1

Example 1

Example 2

Example 2
2. Fake / Spam email alert from @hsbc.com
  If you receive an email purportedly from HSBC Bank PLC using the email address "@hsbc.com", on information regarding any payments or transfers, please do not reply to the email and contact our customer service hotline immediately.
3. Phishing alert
  A new phishing scheme is targeting internet banking users by asking you to click on a link and the website will request to input usernames, passwords, One Time Password (OTP) and other personal and confidential banking details. You may also receive calls to request for your Internet Banking usernames, passwords, One Time Password (OTP). Do not disclose such information via email or phone.
4. Malware alert
  Malware infects your computer and is able to steal your internet banking login information such as your username, password and security code.

Please note that there have been recent attacks of malware virus infection from fraudulent emails, DO NOT click on attachments or embedded URLs in suspicious emails. If you have questions about emails sent by HSBC, please contact us immediately.

You may experience the following if you have accessed your internet banking from an infected computer:
  1. see a screen asking you to wait for 1-10 minutes.
  2. be prompted repeatedly to enter your username, password or security code.

  • You are advised not to proceed with the transaction and have your computer scanned immediately for malware.
  • It is advisable to install anti-virus software and update it with the latest virus definition files for protection against such virus attacks.

Please call our 24 hour Customer Service hotline on 1800- 4722 669 (in Singapore) or (65) 6-HSBC NOW (4722 669) (from overseas). For commercial banking customers, please call our customer service centre on 1800-216 9008 in Singapore or (65) 6216 9008 from overseas.
5. Notification of Internet Banking Transactions
  If you receive an SMS alert or a paper advice for a transaction you have not performed or a beneficiary you have not added, please contact our customer service hotline immediately.
6. Unusual Login Features which may indicate a problem
  If you experience unusual features while logging on to Internet Banking, such as if your computer appears to hang for a short while, or if you are requested to enter your logon password and security code multiple times, please contact our customer service hotline immediately.
7. Phone Scams
  Reported cases of new and innovative phone scams are on the rise. Please click here for useful information to help you identify common scams.
8. Phone Alert
  Please be reminded that when you call HSBC, you may be asked to input your Password or PIN for authentication. However, do not reveal your Password, PIN or security code during the call, as no call centre representative will ask for this over the phone.
Important Notices
Personal Internet Banking
  - Call our customer service hotline on 1800-HSBC NOW (4722 669) in Singapore or (65) 6-HSBC NOW (4722 669) from overseas.
- For Premier customers, you can call us on 1800-227 8889 (in Singapore) or call collect to (65) 6216 9080 (from overseas).
- E-mail us at direct@hsbc.com.sg.
- Click here for a step-by-step online demo guide to Personal Internet Banking.
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