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Seize investment opportunities on the go with the HSBC Singapore app.

Make investments or open an investment account to get started, all at your fingertips on the HSBC Singapore app.
Invest in Eligible Wealth Products to enjoy a promotional rate of up to 6.75% p.a. on a 2-month SGD Time Deposit or up to 8.25% p.a. on a 2-month USD Time Deposit. T&Cs apply.
Open an investment account with us today.

Don't have an account with us?

Check out the Everyday Global Account which holds up to 11 currencies and and lets you unlock rewards easily.

You may also sign up for HSBC Premier where you and your family can benefit from exclusive rewards, wealth management solutions and support from a dedicated Relationship Manager.


Open a world of exciting opportunities with our wide range of investment options including stocks, unit trusts, bonds, foreign exchange and more.
Need a fresh perspective? Get the latest insights with Asset Class Views, FX Insights, ESG Insights, Market Outlook and Wealth Needs even when you're on the move.
Explore, buy and sell unit trusts today – select a regular savings plan or a lump sum investment, and choose from more than 100 available funds including ESGs.
Discover and trade both stocks and equities across major markets like the US, Hong Kong and Singapore at attractive brokerage fees.
Gain potentially higher returns as compared to cash savings deposits.
Diversify your investments and spread the risk in your investment portfolio.
Looking for an easier way to manage your foreign currencies? Experience a brand new way to meet all your FX needs anytime, anywhere.

Digital solutions

Investment analysis

Analyse your portfolio from different angles to help you understand what and where you are investing in, and how your portfolio is performing

Transaction history

See your investment transactions from up to the last 2 years in an easy-to-read table, and their details in just a few steps

News and insights

Stay up to date with the latest financial news and insights, automatically sorted by relevancy to your current portfolio holdings

Send money like a local in over 50 countries/territories

Send money to mainland China via UnionPay cards issued in mainland China (only from non-RMB accounts)

Send money abroad to over 200 countries/territories via SWIFT

See your net worth and get a clear overview of your money and investments, including those from other banks, SGX CDP and Myinfo, and plan for your financial goals confidently.
Read our wide range of articles on simpler ways to manage your money and prepare for a healthier financial future.