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Structured Products

Greater freedom to meet your investment needs

Diversify your investments

If you're looking to spread the risk in your investment portfolio, Structured Products could help you do just that.


Structured Products offer several key benefits:
  • Customisable according to the investor's market view
  • Access underlying asset which may otherwise not be readily accessible
  • Potential yield enhancements
  • The return on a Structured Product is variable and depend on the performance of the underlying asset

What are Structured Products?

Structured Products are investment products where the return is linked to an underlying asset with pre-defined features (tenor, currency, payout calculation etc. )

Underlying asset can be equities, interest rates,  commodities, mutual funds & foreign currencies among others.

For illustration on the product:

Graphical depiction of structured product's underlying asset comprising of stocks, currencies, commodities, interest rates, bonds, index and option.

Things to consider

  • Structured Products are designed to facilitate highly customised risk-return objectives
  • Structured Products are generally fixed-term investments and you should be able to commit to them  for the full tenor of the product
  • If a Structured Product is terminated prior to its maturity (early unwind), you may get back less than your initial investment
  • Familiarise yourself with the underlying investment assets and how the Structured Product's returns are calculated. This way, you'll understand the factors that may affect your returns

How to invest

HSBC Structured Products online platform is an online solution offered to accredited investors (AI) to invest in Structured Products offered by the bank.

  • Online Pricer:
    Customise your own structured notes, get a quote online and place your trade directly on the platform.

Once your trade is completed, you can view and monitor the following information on your structured products.

  • My holdings:
    View the lifecycle of all structured notes that you hold, such as key dates of the note (trade date, valuation date)
  • Document Library:
    View and download product information such as the All-in-One document
  • Messages:
    View and download your trade confirmation notes

Watch this video to find out about the latest features available

Structured Products Fees and Rates
Transfer In Transfer Out Internal transfer
No charges 0.5% of market value + prevailing GST where applicable No charges
Structured Products Fees and Rates
Transfer In No charges
Transfer Out 0.5% of market value + prevailing GST where applicable
Internal transfer No charges

Existing investor

If you already have a Structured Product investment account with HSBC and you are an accredited investor, just log on to browse and buy Structured Products based on your needs.

Don't have online banking?

New investor

Please get in touch with us to set up an investment account.

Visit our branch

Visit any of our branches to speak to us about opening an investment account.


You need to have the following:

  • Be an Accredited Investor (AI)
  • An active investment account with HSBC with Online Banking
  • A valid settlement account in the denominated currency of the fund you wish to invest into
  • Valid Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) through which you have been assessed to have knowledge and experience in transacting in Structured Products

Important notes

This document is for information only and should not be construed as an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to purchase or subscribe for any investment. The mention of any investment product or class of investment products ("product") should not be construed as representing a recommendation to buy or sell that product, nor does it represent a forecast on future performance of the product. The information contained on this web site is intended for Singapore residents only and should not be construed as a distribution, an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any product in any jurisdiction where such activities would be unlawful under laws of such jurisdiction, in particular the United States of America and Canada. The specific investment objectives, personal situation and particular needs of any person have not been taken in consideration. You should therefore not rely on it as investment advice. Any transaction that you decide to make will be one of your own choice and at your own risk.

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