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Bank beyond borders with our strong global presence and a dedicated Relationship Manager, who understands cross-border requirements and can communicate with you effectively.

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Elevate your investments with our digital wealth solutions such as the Wealth Dashboard, Foreign exchange(FX) services, online security trading across 3 global markets, and investing platform for bonds and structured products, and many more.

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The best preparation for tomorrow starts today. Get yourself up to speed with all the Lion City has to offer. Our product specialists, Wealth Insights hub and exclusive webinars cover an extensive selection of topics you'll find relevant for your investments.

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Your banking and investment needs shouldn't be limited by geographical borders. Explore greater potential for your wealth with Global Transfer and Global View, your multi-currency account, and our other FX services and tools.

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Send money overseas from your multi-currency account faster, all with the HSBC Singapore app. Send like a local to over 20 countries/territories, to China via UnionPay cards issued in Mainland China (only from sole Everyday Global Account), to over 200 countries/territories via SWIFT and other third party HSBC accounts instantly.

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