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Find out how you can enjoy all that HSBC Premier has to offer.

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HSBC Premier

A Premier banking experience for you and your family

Unlock a world of benefits with HSBC Premier

We know that life is full of choices, opportunities and dreams to fulfil.

Premier can help you to reach your goals, wherever life takes you.

Whether it's exclusive privileges, getting the best for your family, or growing your wealth internationally – Premier is here to let you live without limits.

HSBC Premier is much more than just a bank account

Premier for you and your family

Find out how all of your family can live the Premier life.

Easy international banking

Unlock Premier status across 29 markets, with a unique range of global services and solutions.

Overseas education support

Does your child wish to study abroad? Premier can help you make their move stress-free.

Premier for young achievers

If you're a young person striving to live your best life, find out how Premier can help you.

Get up to SGD10,300 as a welcome gift when you join HSBC Premier

Plus get an additional sign-up gift, totally on us.

Apply for HSBC Premier with MyInfo via Singpass to receive SGD100 in Lazada vouchers. Find out more. Terms and conditions apply.

Unlock everything HSBC Premier has to offer

Premier – for you and your family

You can all benefit from exclusive rewards, wealth management solutions and support from a dedicated Relationship Manager.

  • access to a Premier Relationship Manager to help you make the most of your money
  • preferential rates for your savings, loans and mortgages
  • an exclusive range of Premier rewards, offers and partnerships
  • Premier status for your spouse and up to 3 children (aged 12 to 30), with no minimum Total Relationship Balance requirement

Note: Children under 18 cannot hold Premier status in other countries/regions.

Easy international banking

HSBC Premier makes international banking simple. With preferential rates on our Everyday Global Account and our suite of wealth products and services, you can bank from anywhere in the world with the confidence that we'll be here to support you, wherever life takes you.

  • Everyday Global Account1 will give you access to 11 different currencies with one simple account, that can be managed anytime, anywhere.
  • HSBC Global Money Transfers let you make international transfers fee-free2 via the HSBC Singapore app.
  • Quick FX app lets you manage foreign currencies easily on the go
  • HSBC Premier Mastercard Credit Card - get 5% cashback on everyday spending (both overseas and local) with up to SGD1,800 cashback per year.
  • International mortgages that can help if you're looking to invest in an Australian property, or to refinance an existing Australian property

Overseas education support

Your children can get international banking support in their new country/region, while still living in Singapore.

With an Premier bank account, they'll receive a debit card, supplementary credit card and cheque book, all before their big move so they can access their money as soon as they arrive in their new destination.

And they'll have a dedicated Relationship Manager to support them in their overseas journey.

  • They'll be able to see all their HSBC accounts through one single view. And you'll be able to send them instant3 free transfers with Global Transfers4.
  • Instant emergency funds of USD2,000 (or local currency equivalent) from any HSBC branch in the world
  • Complimentary university consultations from our partners provide tailored recommendations to strengthen your child's profile

Premier for young achievers

If you're a young person with ambitions to explore the world, our Premier and Everyday Global Account gives you the freedom to travel and work just about anywhere.

You'll get speedy access to currency conversion with our HSBC Quick FX App. Plus, our Premier Mastercard® credit card is truly international, so you can spend wherever you are.

A premium account, with Premier benefits

Get started with HSBC Premier by opening a multi currency Everyday Global Account:

  • Hold up to 11 different currencies in one account
  • Enjoy $0 fees in 10 currencies for your retail purchases and cash withdrawals.
  • No HSBC ATM or transaction fees anywhere in the world
  • Earn cashback on eligible everyday spending
  • Preferential foreign exchange rates

Unlock even more with HSBC Premier

HSBC Premier gives you and your loved ones access to more rewards, benefits and exclusive offers than ever before.

  • Digital wealth solutions:

    Our suite of digital wealth tools provide quick and easy access for you to manage finances and ensure your wealth needs are met, anytime, anywhere

  • Wealth Insights

    We bring you the latest outlook and other information so you can make the most of your investments

  • Premier Mastercard:

    Enjoy the best of both worlds of cash rebates and rewards, along with a curated suite of travel benefits and privileges

How you can unlock HSBC Premier

To apply for HSBC Premier, check that you meet at least one of these options:

Option 1: your savings and investments

You can place a minimum of SGD200,000 (or its equivalent in foreign currency) in your Total Relationship Balance.

New to HSBC?

Option 2: deposit your salary

Credit your monthly salary of at least SGD15,000

New to HSBC?

Option 3: take up an HSBC home loan

You'll need a Singapore property loan of at least SGD800,000 or an Australian property loan of at least AUD200,000

Option 4: an international lifestyle

If you're an HSBC Premier customer in another country/region, you're already eligible to join Premier in Singapore - simply speak to your Relationship Manager.

Need further help?

Apply in branch

To apply in a branch, just bring your ID and a recent proof of address.

Enquire by phone

If you want to join HSBC Premier, or if you're looking to add a family member, call us on:

1800-227 8889

Call from overseas on:

+65 6216 9080

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Important information

1 This account does not support cheque book facilities.

2 Most transfers are fee-free but some intermediary banks may charge fees. You can see an estimate of the applicable fees when you review your transfer. The actual amount is subject to the intermediary bank and will be debited after you've confirmed your transfer.

Some banks may charge for incoming international transfers. Your payees will need to check with their banks on these charges as they vary and will be debited from the payee's account. We are unable to advise you on the fees applied by other banks for payments sent through Global Money Transfers.

3 Foreign exchange transactions involving the following currencies: Bermudian Dollar, Egyptian Pound, Qatari Riyal, Indonesian Rupiah, Sri Lankan Rupee, Malaysian Ringgit, Vietnamese Dong, Philippine Peso and Omani Rial may not be processed instantly over the weekend and public holidays.

4 Remittances to 3rd party accounts via HSBC Global Transfers is available for 3rd party HSBC accounts in Hong Kong SAR, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Bermuda, Greece, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, CIIOM, Australia, New Zealand and Malta.

5 Terms & Conditions relating to HSBC Debit Cardholder's Agreement apply.

Deposit Insurance Scheme

Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.