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Register for online banking

Before you start

There are 2 ways to register. You can either:

  • use the mobile app – This registers you for both online and mobile banking, and is available for Singpass users only; or
  • register online – for online banking only

To register for online banking using the HSBC Singapore app, you'll need:

  • a banking relationship with an active account with HSBC Singapore

  • a Singpass account

  • to download the Singpass app on the same device you're using to register for online banking

To register online, you'll need:

  • an HSBC debit or credit card or an ATM card that you've already activated

  • a unique 6-digit card PIN which we've mailed to you

Register using the app

First, download the HSBC Singapore app

The app is your Digital Secure Key. You'll need it whenever you log on to online banking, and it'll help protect you and your accounts from fraud.

You're ready to register

Open the app and select 'Log on' and follow the on-screen steps. You can then start using online and mobile banking and your Digital Secure Key straight away.

Register online

If you register online, you'll be able to use online banking. But you'll still need to download the HSBC Singapore app to set up your Digital Secure Key, which you'll use whenever you log on.

Frequently Asked Questions