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Financial wellbeing

A simplified approach to managing money, to help you prepare for a healthier future.

How to be in control of what you spend on and what you save

Habits for financial wellbeing

Find out about what being financially fit means
Creative ways to reduce your expenses
Protect the things that matter the most to you
How good habits can help you achieve financial wellbeing
Start your financial journey on the right foot with essential tips.

Saving Strategies

See why saving money is the most important habit you can adopt.
Check out how to find the right balance between saving money and paying off debt.
Explore our 5 tips for creating and keeping a habit of saving your money.
Ways to set specific savings goals to stay on track with your short and long-term goals.
Assess your spending habits so you can figure out how much you can afford to save each month.
Compare between different types of savings accounts and see which one can best help you meet your needs.
Learn how interest rates work to help your savings could grow over time through investing.
Discover ways to balance your finances and your needs wisely to make the most of your money.
Explore what investment options are available so you can grow your money over time.
Making a head start on saving for retirement or topping up your CPF can be beneficial to your overall financial well-being.
The good savings habits you build today can help you lay the foundation for a better financial future.

Protecting what matters

Insurance can provide peace of mind by helping you to protect yourself and the people and things that you love.
While all insurance is important, some types will be more relevant to your current situation.
Insurance may protect you and your loved ones while also being a helpful saving mechanism.
When it comes to protecting your loved ones' health and financial futures, you have options.
Familiarise yourself with the terms you may come across as you explore insurance options.
There are many things to consider while shopping for insurance. Take the time to evaluate before buying a policy.
Protecting your overall wellbeing is an important part of protecting yourself.
Keep yourself safe and secure from scams and fraud.
Get ready to take action to protect what matters most to you.