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A family are playing on a mobile phone; image used for HSBC Wealth Dashboard

HSBC Wealth Dashboard

Keep track of your wealth and investments online

Online wealth management

In today's fast-moving world, effective wealth management is key to achieving success. It's hard to keep up-to-date with daily market movements while analysing your holdings and forecasting gains. So we created the HSBC Wealth Dashboard. It gives you a complete view of your investments and unprecedented control of your wealth.


  • Instant FX conversion
    View the value of your investment in the base currency and in any of the 10 additional currencies
  • Investment analysis
    Analyse your portfolio from different angles to help you understand what and where you are investing in, and how your portfolio is performing
  • Transaction history
    Your investment transactions and details will be logged for up to 2 years in an easy-to-read table, with the details of each transaction just a click away
  • News and insights
    Stay up to date with the latest financial news and insights, automatically sorted by relevancy to your current portfolio holdings
  • Update your documents
    Manage your investment-related documents such as risk profile and knowledge assessment with ease through Document Center

Get involved in your wealth holdings

The HSBC Wealth Dashboard is integrated into online banking. That way, you can manage your portfolio and build your wealth at any time. You'll enjoy in-depth data and research alongside a powerful search function that instantly provides detailed information on your investments and more. You can also place buy, sell and switch orders.

Manage your wealth now

Existing investor

If you have an investment account, you can utilize Wealth Dashboard to manage your portfolio. It is easy to set-up if you have not done so. Just go to "Service" to link up the account and you are ready to invest.

You need to be registered for online banking to access the HSBC Wealth Dashboard.

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