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HSBC Global Money Transfers

Transfer internationally securely and conveniently on the go via your HSBC Singapore app.

Make faster international money transfers with your HSBC account

HSBC Global Money Transfers lets you send money overseas faster and fee-free1, with just a few taps on the HSBC Singapore app. Send money to:

How it works

  • Access real-time and competitive foreign exchange rates3
  • Know the exchange rate before sending your transfer4
  • Use the search feature to look for your payee bank using the bank name, address or bank code
  • Add and manage international payees
  • Get an overview of your transfer including the estimated arrival time, amount and fee

Available countries/territories and currencies

Eligibility and fees


  • Our Global Money Transfers service is available to HSBC Account customers.
  • Available only on HSBC Singapore app.


  • Fees related to HSBC Singapore are waived1.

What do I need to use this service?

To use Global Money Transfers, you must have a HSBC Account

Frequently Asked Questions

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1Some intermediary banks may charge fees. You can see an estimate of the applicable fees when you review your transfer. The actual amount is subject to the intermediary bank and will be debited after you've confirmed your transfer.

Some banks may charge for incoming international transfers. Your payees will need to check with their banks on these charges as they vary and will be debited from the payee's account. We are unable to advise you on the fees applied by other banks for payments sent through Global Money Transfers.

2Foreign exchange transactions involving the following currencies: Bermudian Dollar, Egyptian Pound, Qatari Riyal, Indonesian Rupiah, Sri Lankan Rupee, Malaysian Ringgit, Vietnamese Dong and Philippine Peso may not be processed instantly over the weekend and public holidays.

3Real-time rates are available from Monday at 09:30 until Saturday at 05:00 Singapore Time, excluding bank holidays.

Foreign exchange transactions performed over the weekend and public holidays are subject to a higher bank spread compared to weekday transactions, as markets are closed during these times.

4All conversions and foreign exchange rates used or provided are indicative only and subject to change by the bank at any time, including intra-day changes, without notice. The final rate will be set when you confirm your transfer.

The conversion of any foreign currency may result in gain or loss, depending on the exchange rate.

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