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Credit Limit Review

Enjoy greater flexibility with an increased credit limit

Boost your HSBC credit card limit to enjoy more financial flexibility for your spending needs.

Apply now

Apply by completing a form

Please follow these steps:

1. Complete an application form

2. Upload the documents online

Note: Choose ‘Credit card – credit limit review’ when you’re on the ‘Select your product’ screen.

Documents to be provided by selected customers


  • If you need further assistance on Credit Limit Review, please call or chat with us at
  • For a temporary credit limit increase, you can request it via our hotline at +65 6-HSBC NOW (+65 64722 669). Please note that temporary credit limit increase is only available for overseas travel, weddings, hospitalisation and compassionate purposes.

Frequently asked questions

Can I have a separate limit and billing from my supplementary cardholders?

No, both the primary and any supplementary cardholders share the same credit limit. Transactions from all parties will be consolidated and reflected in the primary cardholder's statement.

Can I state my preferred credit limit when I apply for a credit card or for a credit limit increase?

Yes, you may state your preferred credit limit in your application. This will then be subject to our review and approval. Alternatively, you may ask for your credit limit to be assigned by us.

How long will it take for my credit limit to be reviewed?

 Please allow at least 3 working days to process your application after the required documents are submitted. In event of high volume, it will take a longer time to complete the review.

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