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What is FinFit?

Financial fitness (FinFit) matters to us all. That's why we created HSBC FinFit, to explore the financial habits, knowledge, planning, security and safety concerns of people in Singapore. Our report findings and the wider FinFit program can help you to:

  • Improve your financial knowledge and habits
  • Develop and fine-tune your financial planning strategy
  • Explore the products and services you need

Find out how FinFit you are. Book your FinFit coaching session now.

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How financially fit are Singaporeans?

Our recent FinFit study took a look at Singaporeans' financial fitness, and found that we currently score:


The four pillars that make up this score are:

  • Financial Habits: 70
  • Financial Knowledge: 69
  • Financial Planning: 59
  • Financial Security: 73

This highlights 3 key insights:

58% of Singapore residents are not confident in their retirement.

95% of those with high FinFit scores review their financial plan yearly.

74% of Singapore residents with high FinFit scores use investments to grow their wealth

Source: HSBC SG (Financial Fitness) FinFit Study 2020

How can you become more FinFit?

It's much easier than you think, simply follow these 4 simple steps:

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Establish routines, such as keeping a 6-month cash reserve for rainy days.

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Review your financial plans to prepare for retirement, wealth growth or education.

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Choose investments that work for you and suit your risk tolerance.

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Step 4: Take advantage of HSBC FinFit

Get tips and professional advice to improve your financial fitness.

Boost your financial fitness

FinFit 101

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Power up your financial fitness journey

Transform the way you manage your finances. #Why stop here?

Safely view your financial data across participating banks with HSBC FinConnect in the HSBC Singapore app.

  • Total net worth computation
  • Breakdown of assets and liabilities
  • Holdings by account types or currencies
  • MyInfo data such as CPF Accounts, Notice of Assessment and HDB Loans

Plan your finances better today with more cashback and rewards

Enjoy these rewards when you meet the following criteria:
Retrieve and share your account data with us via HSBC FinConnect1
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  • Complete a FinFit coaching session (Goal Planning report)2
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Enjoy these rewards when you meet the following criteria:
Retrieve and share your account data with us via HSBC FinConnect1
Get more rewards if you also:
  • Complete a FinFit coaching session (Goal Planning report)2
Additional SGD50

Book your FinFit coaching session now

Get your financial journey started and apply the insights from our FinFit report. Our advisors can help you identify your wealth and finance needs and create your growth strategy.


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