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Manage your wealth

Make your money work for you

Wherever you are today, we could help you create a better tomorrow

The word 'wealth' means different things to different people. For some, it could be property. For others, it's their family. For us, it means being able to make your money work harder and to protect what matters, so you can build a brighter future.

Whether you've been investing for a while or you're wondering where to start, we can help you to take actions today to realise your dreams.

Enjoy global wealth management services and banking support for you and your loved ones, wherever you are in the world.

HSBC Wealth Mega Air Miles Lucky Draw

Congratulations to the winners in the HSBC Wealth Mega Air Miles Lucky Draw Promotion! Please see the latest list of winners.

Digital wealth solutions

Our suite of digital wealth tools provide quick and easy access for you to manage finances and ensure your wealth needs are met, anytime, anywhere. Transact, invest and keep yourself updated with the latest market news, right at your fingertips.

Enjoy the convenience of managing your wealth on your own or virtually with your Relationship Manager.

Financial planning tools

Introducing "SG Chat" - a secure and instant messaging tool which enables you to communicate with your relationship management team on messaging platforms like WhatsApp and WeChat. SG Chat is a service exclusive to HSBC Premier customers.

What would you like to do?

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See the different ways you can put your money to work in our investment product.

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See all your investment holdings in one place on the HSBC Wealth Dashboard. 

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Capitalise on exchange rate fluctuations with our foreign exchange services.

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Reduce your home loan interest by offsetting interest earned on your current account, with SmartMortgage.

Guides to modern money

A Woman is using laptop; image used for HSBC Singapore You don't need a fortune to start investing.

It's not just for the rich. See how you can begin your journey today.

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To invest or not to invest? Let us help you with that.

Person researching investment products on mobile phone and laptop; image used for HSBC Singapore 5 reasons to do your own investing.

Handling your own investments is easier than you think

A man holding plant; image used HSBC Singapore Wealth Article page.

Click here to access more wealth articles.

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HSBC FinConnect

HSBC FinConnect is enabled by the Singapore Financial Data Exchange (SGFinDex) and lets you view your personal financial data, including information from other banks, SGX CDP and Myinfo securely in the HSBC Singapore app.

With HSBC FinConnect, you can get a clear overview of your money and investments, which makes it easier to map out and work towards your financial goals.

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Before you invest

You'll need to complete a Customer Knowledge Assessment (CKA) or Customer Account Review (CAR) in online banking before you start investing in some of our products. There may also be some additional forms to complete depending on the product you are investing in. These include NYSE Market Data Agreement, Risk Warning Statement, W8BEN form, and Accredited Investor. You may complete these via the Document Center on the HSBC Singapore App or click the 'Document Center' tab on the Wealth Dashboard to update or renew your product forms.

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