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HSBC Insurance products

For your life, your home or next holiday, get an online insurance quote now


Sapphire Prestige Income II

  • Enjoy a lifetime of regular income
  • Replacement of life insured
  • Flexible premium term
  • Unemployment support benefit
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Variable Annuity

  • Capital guaranteed
  • Benefit from market upsides /protection when market falls
  • Guaranteed monthly payouts

Winner of the Insurance Asia Award 2020

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Jade Legacy Universal Life Plans

  • Provide more for your legacy without compromising your retirement lifestyle
  • Build a stronger foundation for your future generations with multi-generational planning
  • Grow your cash value with guaranteed interest rate lock option and exclusive loyalty bonus
Father and son having good time on the boat.

Emerald Legacy Life III

  • Whole of Life Coverage
  • Replacement of Life Insured
  • Quit Smoking Incentive to help you live healthier
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ValueLife Insurance

  • Enjoy potential cost savings as your responsibilities in life evolve
  • Guaranteed lifetime protection with a limited premium paying term
  • Guaranteed refund of premiums
  • Guaranteed maturity benefit

Term Protect Advantage

  • Affordable protection coverage
  • Flexible premium and policy term
  • Guaranteed surrender value
  • Boost your coverage with Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO)
  • Convertibility benefit
  • Unemployment support benefit


Wealth Builder
  • Build wealth through long-term accumulation
  • Flexibility to build the plan according to your preference
  • Policy continuity to ensure the cash value keeps growing
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Retirement Income II

  • Full flexibility, retire on your own terms
  • Secure your retirement plan with in-built benefits
  • Additional income in the event of unexpected illnesses
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Savings Protector II

  • Protecting your commitments
  • Guarantee capital even during market downturn
  • Flexibility to meet your goals
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Goal Builder

  • Optimise wealth growth with a range of funds and unlimited fund switching
  • Enjoy peace of mind with lifelong protection


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International Health Insurance

  • Hospital charges incurred during an in-patient hospital stay are covered, giving you peace of mind throughout your hospital treatment
  • Out-patient benefits including cover for general practitioner and specialist consultations, prescribed drugs and dressings and necessary diagnostic tests, and vaccinations up to the limits shown
  • Depending on where in the world you reside, travel to or wish to receive treatment, there are 3 geographical areas of cover designed to suit your needs: Asia, Worldwide excluding USA, and Worldwide
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Health Insurance

  • Reimburses you in full up to the annual limit for all your eligible expenses
  • We also go the extra mile to give you a wider range of benefits