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Studying in Singapore

Make the most of studying in your new home with our range of international services.

Start your student life on the right foot

We offer everything you need to make the most of your international education. That's why our range of banking solutions makes it easy to manage your money, with extra services to support you or your child.

Supporting your education in Singapore

Open an account before you arrive

Wherever you're arriving from, our International Banking Centre can help you open an account in Singapore, even before you land.

  • Open your account before arriving for a smoother transition
  • Manage your money across borders and view all your accounts in one place
  • Transfer your international credit history so you can access credit products abroad
  • Get the same Premier Family benefits worldwide for you and your parents, with exclusive lifestyle privileges from our partners

Stay globally connected

Bank in Singapore and back home easily to help manage your money wherever you are.

  • Move money between your accounts and pay other HSBC accounts overseas instantly with Global Transfers, and non-HSBC accounts anywhere with Global Money Transfers
  • View and manage your accounts securely with the HSBC Singapore mobile app and in online banking with your Digital Secure Key
  • View real-time foreign exchange rates, trade currencies and make transactions 24/7 with the HSBC Quick FX app

Bank like a local

Manage your money as if you never left home, so you can make the most of studying and living in Singapore.

  • Access cash easily and shop online and instore worldwide with the fee-free HSBC Everyday Global multi-currency account
  • Pay your tuition and everyday expenses easily with FAST, PayNow and SimplyGo local transfers
  • Get a complimentary debit card with Apple and Google Pay, Paywave and NETS to make instant transfers and get cash for free across our wide ATM network
  • Send money within Singapore and manage your account 24/7 with the HSBC Singapore mobile banking app

Enjoy HSBC Premier Family benefits worldwide

As an HSBC Premier customer, you and your family can enjoy the same privileges, including global HSBC Premier status in all countries and regions.

  • Share Premier privileges with your parents and 2 other siblings aged 12-30 years old, with your own account and personalised benefits
  • Stay connected back home with support from a dedicated Family Relationship Manager who can speak your language
  • Get a free supplementary card[@studyinginsingapore-premieremastercard-supplementarycard] to use abroad when your parents apply for a Singapore-issued Premier Mastercard as the main applicant
  • Benefit from our partner offers with preferential rates, like education and medical packages, via HomeandAway

How HSBC can help you

  • Bank the way you want to
    You can manage your money 24/7, set up bill payments, and make transfers easily, wherever you are.
  • Easy banking with your very own debit card
    Make contactless payments while shopping or travelling, pay online and withdraw cash from any ATM worldwide.
  • Send money to family and friends
    You can make free and instant money transfers to over 150 destinations worldwide online, in a branch or over the phone.
  • Enjoy HSBC benefits worldwide
    You can easily manage and move money between your accounts from one place online.

Resources for studying in Singapore

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Whether you are staying at home or travelling, do not miss out on these great offers. 


Narrow your schooling options and find the best school in Singapore for your child with this checklist of priorities. 


Here's how students can learn to balance their physical, mental and financial health, and thrive. 

Apply for an HSBC Singapore account

If you're moving to Singapore from overseas, you can apply for an account online, on our mobile banking app, by phone or in person.

If you have any questions before you apply, feel free to get in touch.

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Make international money transfers conveniently using the HSBC Everyday Global Account on your HSBC Singapore app. 

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Be privy to exclusive privileges both at home and abroad. 

Additional information

    Singapore dollar deposits of non-bank depositors are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to SGD75,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.