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A woman on a train; image used for HSBC Singapore Mass Transit promotion

Go places with HSBC Credit and Debit Card

Skip the top-ups, simply tap to pay

You can now pay for your train and bus fares with your HSBC Credit and Debit Cards or via Apple Pay.

Benefits and features

  • No need to top up transport fare cards
  • Earn year-long cash rebates or reward points on your bus and train fares with HSBC Credit Cards*
  • Consolidated billing with your credit card bills or debit card account statement
  • Track your fare history

    Sign up for a SimplyGo account and register your cards to have access to your travel history and transactions via the

    TransitLink SimplyGo Portal or TL SimplyGo mobile app. 

*Respective card's terms and conditions apply. Please refer to

What should I do now?

For Credit Card customers

Please ensure there is a contactless logo on your Credit Card. If your card does not have the contactless feature, please contact us at 1800 HSBC NOW (4722 669).

If your Credit Card has a contactless logo, you may commence tapping at the fare gates.

For Debit Card customers

Simply switch your debit card to bank card mode at the General Ticketing Machine located at any MRT station before tapping at the fare gate.

Apply now

Don't have an HSBC Credit or Debit Card? Apply here.

Frequently asked questions

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