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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Online password reset

When will the online password reset function be available?

Online password reset function will be available to Personal Internet Banking customers from 16 September 2007 onwards. Customers will need to complete 2 security questions to activate their online password reset function.

What is the online password reset feature?

Online password reset allows you to set your new password online when you forget your current one. This means that you do not have to submit any forms to the bank for processing as long as you are able to furnish your username, OTP (one-time password) as well as security questions and answers accurately via online banking.

What are the benefits of using the online password reset feature?

You will be able to reset your password instantly anytime.

Can I opt-out of this feature?

There is no opt-out as all online banking customers will perform the online password reset procedure when they log on to Personal Internet Banking after 16 September 2007.

How does the password reset process work?

Select the 'Forgotten your password' link on the logon screen. You will be asked to enter your security answers. Upon correct entry of the security answers, you will proceed to reset your password. If the security answers are incorrect, you will then be guided to reset your password by submitting an offline password reset form to HSBC.

Security questions

How do I setup my security questions and answers?

You need to choose the security question from a set of preset questions each, and provide a memorable answer to each of the questions.

How do I change my security questions and answers?

You can change your security questions and answers when you logon to Personal Internet Banking under Services then Change Password Reset Questions.

How do you define these security questions?

At HSBC, we use industry standard security technology to create these questions.

What happens if I forget the answers to the questions that I had selected?

If you forget the answer to one or more of the questions you will need to submit an offline password reset form to HSBC.

Will I be assigned a password or do I get to choose my own password?

You are required to choose and set your own password.

How secure is this feature?

At HSBC we use industry standard security technology and practices to safeguard your account from any unauthorised access. For more information, please refer to our website at