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Top tips for studying abroad during COVID-19

How you can help your child chart their new course

Despite the uncertain climate, the value of an overseas education is undiminished.

By enrolling in a top-tier university or boarding school, your child can develop their career ambitions, enhance their creativity, and prime themselves for future success.

We are here to support your family as the next generation sets out to follow their dreams. Here are some expert guidelines on how to navigate the process in the COVID-19 era.

Continue to develop your child's passions

Your child should be able to highlight the activities that they pursued despite pandemic restrictions. This will showcase their adaptability and perseverance.

In-person tours might not be possible

Given travel regulations, consider relying on school websites, virtual tours, and personal endorsements to assess whether a school is a good fit.

Interviews will happen virtually

This may work to your child's advantage, as many children feel far more at ease being interviewed in a home setting.

Inspire your child to be flexible

Schools are constantly adjusting their operations in response to the COVID-19 situation. Hence, your child will need to be comfortable with change.

Standardised tests may be optional

Your child might not need to take a standardised test. However, if they don't, then transcripts, essays, and teacher recommendations will be key to assessing their suitability.

Start preparing well ahead of time

Besides the American requirement of two years' worth of transcripts, UK and US schools both require some combination of teacher recommendations, academic assessments, and interviews. These can take time to arrange, so start planning for them early.

The best inheritance is knowledge. A high-quality overseas education can provide future generations with the necessary tools to flourish regardless of the circumstances.

Start now

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