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Having it all: female leaders bring wellness to the workplace

Entrepreneurial women are often expected to over-perform both at the office and at home. For many, workplace woes are just part of the job. That's why a new generation of female leaders are prioritising mental health.

At HSBC, we're committed to helping you achieve a healthy work-life balance as you pursue your ambitions. So we've gathered some inspirational advice from two industry leaders on how to minimise workplace stress and maximise workplace success.

Winnie Chiu, JP

President and Executive Director

Dorsett Hospitality International

"We should feel proud of the fact that we are women. We might approach things slightly differently. We may carry ourselves slightly differently in the same business context, but we shouldn't feel pressure that we need to act exactly the same as our male peers. I think you just have to try your best. I never compare myself with others."

Peggy Chan

Founder, Managing Director and Principal Consultant

Grassroots Initiatives Consultancy

"I believe in the importance of building a community of people who will be there for you. With the start of COVID-19, so many people were alone. They felt alone. But when we can open up and say, 'We need some help' 'We now need someone to talk to'... I think by voicing it out, then people will really come together, and we'll have a strong community."

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