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Report a transaction

Let us know if a transaction on your account isn't right.

Dispute transaction

Generally, customers can ask for a chargeback within 120 days of the date of transaction if they encounter non-delivery of goods and services, delivery of defective/unfit goods and services, credit card transaction errors and/or unauthorised transactions.

We encourage that submission of dispute form be done within 14 days from your statement with the disputed transactions. This allows sufficient time for the bank to review and raise the chargeback on your behalf.

How do I report lost/stolen card?

Please call our Customer Service Centre immediately if your card is lost, stolen or if fraudulent transactions have been made. Our customer service officers will assist to block your card immediately and issue you with a replacement card. Call us on 1800-HSBC NOW (4722 669) from Singapore or (65) 64722 669 from overseas.

What should I do when there are unrecognized transactions on my card?

If you come across unrecognised transactions, you may want to consider these common scenarios:

  • Different merchant name - some organisations use a different description to process their transactions, so the details you see on your statement may appear unfamiliar.
  • Different date of posting – not all transactions are processed/posted on the same day. Try reviewing the "Transaction Date" within your statement instead of "Post Date".
  • Spend by supplementary cardholder – the transaction could also have been made by your supplementary cardholder (if any)
  • Membership after free trials – If you had signed up for a trial recently, check if the trial period may have expired or if the terms by merchant indicated that membership would be charged after the free trial ends.
  • Foreign currency transaction – Such card transactions would need to be converted into US dollars before being converted into the currency of your card account. And these would be subject to the foreign exchange rate as determined by the relevant card scheme associations.  There is also an administrative fee for such transactions which are imposed by the bank as well as the card scheme associations.

How to raise a dispute request?

If you wish to raise a chargeback/dispute request, you can submit a dispute form online. Please include all supporting documents (if any) to substantiate your dispute.

Important notes:

It is important for you to raise the dispute no later than 14 days from the date of statement with the disputed transaction(s). This is to enable HSBC to proceed with the investigation process and avoid delay or denial of the right to recovery for the disputed transaction(s).

While we will do our best to resolve your dispute, the investigation progress is subject to the merchant's cooperation. It can take between 2 to 6 months upon receipt of your dispute form for the dispute to be resolved.

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