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Mobile payment in a coffee shop; image used for Google Pay with HSBC Credit cards.

Google PayTM with HSBC credit cards

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a fast and simple way to use your HSBC credit cards to pay on websites, in apps and in stores using an Android device. Using Google Pay is:

  • Easy. Add your HSBC credit card in just a few minutes and start making payments
  • Secure. An encrypted number is used for purchases so your card details are never shared with merchants or saved on your device
  • Rewarding. Continue to enjoy the same rewards and privileges as your physical HSBC credit card

How to add your HSBC credit cards to Google Pay

via the HSBC Singapore app

Select your credit card account

Step 1: Log on to the HSBC Singapore app and select the credit card you want to add to Google Pay.

Select 'Manage cards' option

Step 2: Tap 'View more', then 'Manage card'.

Choose and add to Google Pay

Step 3: Tap 'Add to G Pay' and you're all set.

via the Google Pay app

Set up instructions step 1: Download the Google Pay app in Google Play store.

Step 1: Download the Google Pay app from Google Play.

Set up instructions step 2: Add your card to the app and enter details manually.

Step 2: Using the app, add your credit card by capturing its details with your phone's camera or by entering it manually.

Set up instructions step 3: HSBC credit card is ready to use on Google Pay. View transaction details.

Step 3: Once verified, your HSBC credit card is ready to use on Google Pay.

How to pay with Google Pay

Use Google Pay to check out even faster at your favourite stores in 3 simple steps:

How to pay with Google Pay step 1: Select "New payment" on home screen.

Step 1: Unlock your phone

How to pay with Google Pay step 2: Select the payment methods.

Step 2: Hold your phone near the contactless reader

You don't need to open the app.

How to pay with Google Pay step 3: Transaction complete.

Step 3: Once you see the blue check mark, your payment has been approved.

Where to use Google Pay

In store

You can use Google Pay where contactless payments are accepted. Simply look out for the Google Pay logo or contactless symbol at the checkout counter.

In app and online

Check out faster online by choosing Google Pay as the payment method during checkout.


Skip the top-ups. Simply tap to pay for your bus and train fares with your phone via Google Pay.

Google Pay logo; Contactless payment; Buy with Google Pay.

Compatible devices

Google Pay works on any Android™ device running Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher.

For in store payments, your device will need to have Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities and Host Card Emulation (HCE) functions. You can still make in app or online payments if your device doesn't have NFC capabilities.

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