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two Asian women running on an elevated boardwalk above trees; image used for HSBC Stay Fit and Have Fun page

Stay fit and have fun

Happiness, family and financial security are among the top goals for many Singaporeans. For 21% of Millennials, 30% of Gen X'ers and 28% of Baby Boomers, living a "better life" also means making their health a priority1.

It doesn't need to cost a fortune to get fit in Singapore. If getting healthy is a priority for you as well, check out these activities around town.

The adidas Runners Singapore

Running – you can do it anywhere, anytime. Meet up with this group of expats and locals to discover hidden trails and urban alleys. The adidas Runners group celebrated their second anniversary in 2019 with a community 2km Hustle that left no runner behind. The group is based on the three pillars of movement, recovery and mindset, and they're a very inclusive bunch. This 5,700-member-strong group encourages you to beat your personal records while getting fit and having fun. It's a win-win (but it's not a competition!).

Health Promotion Board

This government organisation promotes healthy living that's affordable and accessible to everyone. You'll find free gym classes and workshops happening all over the city, such as the "Sunrise in the City" yoga and "Sundays@The Park" activities. You can even learn how to rock climb or attend nutrition workshops led by experts. Exercise as a family with an introduction to archery, or martial arts through Active Family, or combine your mall shopping with a Zumba workout. Health Hub is a great website for expats, and it will give you all the up-to-date details for classes around town.

Bootcamp training @ Botanic Gardens

Meetup is a great place for expats to start with when moving into a city. This online community will connect you with people wanting to "meet up" with others who share the same interests, including exercise. Why slog away on a treadmill in the gym when you can be sweating it out under the canopy of trees of Singapore's oldest topical garden and UNESCO Heritage Site?

Exercise has never been so beautiful.

HSBC is helping to promote Singapore as a "Tropical Garden City", with its Heritage Tree initiative to help conserve the country/region's oldest trees. In fact, the SGD5 bill features the Tembusu tree in recognition of our efforts to nurture a green and sustainable city.

YouTube videos

Exercise in the comfort of your own home with just a mat, a towel and a bottle of water. Work out in your pajamas? Why not! FitnessBlender is currently the most popular exercise channel on YouTube. This healthy husband and wife duo have garnered over 5.8 million subscribers with 500 workout videos, and users like the "no frills" approach to fitness. Working out at home doesn't require a gym membership or much equipment, but you will need motivation.

Home gym

Take the YouTube videos one step further with a bit of equipment, like free weights or a cardio machine – whatever you have space for. The best equipment allows you to use your body weight, so there's not much need for bulky machines. Go for resistance bands, dumbbells, a pull-up bar and even space-saving mini elliptical and stationary bikes. You'll be looking so good, you may want to hit a real gym just to show off.

Why not get out of your comfort zone with a few unconventional forms of fitness? Forest Adventure and Wave House Sentosa are a few of the card promotions available via the ENTERTAINER with HSBC programme.

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1 2019 AXA Better Life Index report