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Bill payment FAQs

Get help with paying bills

General bill payment

How does HSBC participate in AXS?

HSBC participates as a Bill Payment Service Provider, which allows you to pay your HSBC's credit card Bills on AXS stations.

Visit website at for a complete listing of AXS Stations and other AXS services provided in Singapore.

What kind of payment mode can be found at the AXS Station?

Payment can be made via NETS ATM card at the AXS Stations.

What's the maximum amount I can make for each bill payment?

With a NETS ATM card, you can make payments up to your daily withdrawal limit on your account.

What's the minimum amount I can make for each bill payment?

The minimum amount for credit card bill payment is S$5.

Are there any transaction charges?

No charges are levied on HSBC's credit card bill payments made through AXS stations.

If I make a payment now, when will the payments be effected?

The cut off time for weekdays is 3pm. If you make a payment before 3pm, the transaction will be processed on the same working day. However, if you make a payment after 3pm, HSBC will process it the next working day.

Please note that payments on weekends/public holidays will be processed the next working day.

Can I receive a confirmation via e-mail instead of a paper receipt?

Yes. At the Multi-Payment Summary page, you can choose eReceipt and enter your e-mail address and a confirmation will be sent to you after you have successfully completed your credit card.

Can I make payment using my HSBC ATM card?

No. Currently, AXS Stations are only able to accept payments made with NETS ATM cards.

Where can I find an AXS Station?

The AXS Stations are situated in high traffic areas such as shopping centres, neighbourhood centres, petrol stations, residential areas, office buildings, convenient stores and many more. For a complete list of locations, please visit

Credit card payment

Can I pay my outstanding credit card bills at AXS Station?

Yes. All outstanding payments are accumulative and you can make outstanding payments via AXS Station.

Can I make minimum or partial payments for credit card bills?

Yes, you can make minimum or partial payments for your credit card bills. 

If I did not bring my credit card along can I still make a payment?

Yes, you can manually enter your credit card number.

Bill payment using online banking

What should I enter for the 'Bill Account Number'?

Since the 'Bill Account Number' varies across different billing organizations, please refer to the document for more details. Please use UPPERCASE for an alphanumeric bill account number, eg. A12345B.

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