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Renovate your home to give it a new lease of life

The look and feel of a house often reflects its owner's personality. In Singapore where most of us live in cookie-cutter homes, we would need to put in more effort to express ourselves through furnishing and decor.

And there's no better way to do that than by renovating your home the way you like, with help from an HSBC Personal Loan.

So is it a renovation loan?

Well, not really. It's more of a 'you' loan. An HSBC Personal Loan gives you the freedom to design your home, renovate every inch and fill it up with your choice of furnishing.

Most renovation loans only allow you to borrow up to SGD30,000 – an amount that isn't usually enough for the whole renovation cost. But an HSBC Personal Loan lets you borrow up to 8× your monthly income! This way, you can choose the perfect quartz countertop for the kitchen island of your dreams, worry-free.

Don't get bogged down by limitations

Most of us would agree that a renovation should cover structural changes and built-in wardrobes, cupboards and consoles at a bare minimum. But what's equally important in making a home uniquely yours is the furnishing – something you're not allowed to spend on with most renovation loans.

An L-shaped sofa made with beautifully grained Italian leather? A refurbished retro Star Wars pinball machine? With an HSBC Personal Loan, you can get them and have them become the centrepiece of your new living room. Let your imagination run wild; dream big for your dream home!

Repay at your own pace

Besides the actual purchase of the property, a home renovation is usually one of the bigger expenses in our lives. It's understandable that paying for it can weigh heavily on our minds.

So instead of coming home to a physical reminder of the loan you took out, an HSBC Personal Loan lets you make affordable monthly repayments over up to seven years. This way, you can come home to your slice of paradise with greater peace of mind and unwind with your favourite drama series.

Get approved, just like that

Most renovation loans will require you to present proof of income, and a renovation contract or detailed quote from your contractor.

But you can get an HSBC Personal Loan with less paperwork as there's no restriction to what you can spend the money on. This lets you secure the funds first, so you can map out the blueprint for the house of your dreams without going over your budget.

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step in turning your house into a home that's truly 'you', with an HSBC Personal Loan.

Think long-term, and short-term

A personal loan could be a way to help you realise dreams such as sprucing up your home. But it should never be about getting quick easy cash – a personal loan may be a smart choice only if it helps you make your long-term goals a reality without having to compromise on your current lifestyle.

An HSBC Personal Loan could help you get the extra cash you need to achieve what matters most to you. Eligible applicants can enjoy low interest rates, one-minute approval in-principle and fixed monthly repayments over up to 7 years.

What's more, you may be able to receive SGD3,000 cashback upon approval when you apply for an HSBC Personal Loan online.

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