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Public transport apps you'll need in Singapore

Singapore is known for having one of the best public transport networks in the world and getting around the little red dot isn't difficult, even for newcomers to the country. But you can make commuting even more of a breeze by downloading one of these nifty public transport apps for a smoother ride to your destination.

Bus Uncle

Want to make your commute a little more entertaining? Check out Bus Uncle, a quirky chat bot that replies your travel questions in local lingo. You can ask Bus Uncle anything from directions and how long your journey will take, to fares and transfers. If you're returning home from a bad day at work, the app's witty jokes will put a smile back on your face.


Like its name suggests, this app lets you map out your ideal commute in major cities like Hong Kong, Sydney and of course, Singapore. Simply key in your destination, and it will give you a variety of travelling options on public transport networks. You can also customise your commute for bus or train-only options. Best of all, there are real-time updates on bus or train arrivals, on top of detailed directions and routes, making this a great choice for first-time commuters.

Explore Singapore

If you're commuting solely on the MRT and LRT, this app will help you calculate the fastest way to get around. Its offline function is handy, especially if you're travelling underground and can't get a signal. Explore Singapore also lets you find the nearest train station with the help of GPS, complete with street maps of each station. Additionally, it offers updates on timetable changes and future station openings.


This all-in-one app by the Land Transport Authority offers a comprehensive cache of information such as bus timings, MRT and LRT fares, live traffic updates, and alerts about train breakdowns. It also features a Snap & Send function that you can use to report road defects.

SG BusLeh

If you're commuting solely on buses, this is the app for you. Plan your journey with SG BusLeh, which shows users up to 3 bus arrival timings. It even provides a map feature indicating a real-time location of your bus, so you can decide whether to make a run for it. Or not.

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