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A ferris wheel in front of the Singapore skyline; image used for HSBC Singapore Expat Services

Expat services

Hassle-free banking to support your international lifestyle

Let our financial and banking services help you navigate your new destination

We know that moving to a new country/region can be a stressful time. But we're here for you every step of the way. From getting your finances organised before you move to managing your money once you get here, here are the services that can help you.

  • Moving
  • Settling in
  • Expat living

Moving to Singapore

A woman is using her phone; image used for HSBC Singapore Open an Account

Account set-up before arrival

  • HSBC exclusive

Whether you are a new or existing customer, we can help you open a bank account before you even arrive.

  • Get in touch with us 1-2 months prior to your departure
  • Enjoy complimentary relocation and arrival services once you open your account
Two women are shopping; image used for HSBC Singapore Expat Services

Pay for your preparations with a credit card

Once you open an account, you can also apply for an HSBC credit card. Just let us know that you want to apply for a credit card when you open your account and pay your relocation expenses with ease.

Settling into Singapore

A man is paying with his mobile phone; image used for HSBC Singapore Premier

Benefits for crediting your salary

  • HSBC exclusive

If you qualify for HSBC Premier status, you get benefits when you credit your salary to your account.

A couple is paying bills; image used for HSBC Singapore Bill Payments

Automate your bill payments

Make an immediate payment or schedule recurring or future payments for your utilities and telecommunications bills, taxes and membership fees easily.

A piggy bank with coins, a passport, calculator and laptop; image used for HSBC Singapore Card Instalment Payment Plan

Spread the cost of large payments with your credit card

Moving countries/regions is no easy task, and there are often large expenses that come with it. Choose to pay for your big purchases with your HSBC Credit Card and manage your payments through monthly instalments. 

Man checking his accounting book; image used for HSBC Singapore Personal Loans.

Afford more with a personal loan

Seize the opportunity to get more done with HSBC's Personal Loan or Personal Line of Credit.

  • Extra cash of up to 4 times your monthly income
  • 1 minute approval in-principle for online applications
  • Tenor subject to validity of your employment pass
A woman in a clothing store; image used for HSBC Singapore Credit Cards

Rewards on your daily spend and travel benefits

Whether you want offers or cashback, we have credit cards to match, some with benefits for your global lifestyle.

  • Exclusive travel discounts and travel insurance coverage
  • Airport lounge access and generous air miles rewards 
A mother is holding her daughter while using the atm; image used for HSBC Singapore Express Banking

Easy access to your cash in Singapore

Take out cash with your HSBC debit card from over 800 locations across Singapore, including 7-Eleven, Cold Storage, Guardian, HSBC ATMs and the atm5 Network.

People are crossing a road; image used for HSBC Singapore Expat Services

Get around the island with ease

Enhanced with Visa payWave, NETS contactless modes of payment and Apple Pay, your HSBC debit card can be used as your public transit card.

  • Pay for your public transport, carpark and ERP fees
  • Sign up for auto top-up via your HSBC debit card and you'll never have to worry about running a low balance

Expat living

A couple travelling together; image used for HSBC Singapore International Medical Coverage

International medical coverage

Protect your loved ones from unexpected surprises.

  • Access private healthcare services anywhere within a region of your choice
  • International emergency medical assistance
A bridge in a city; image used for HSBC Singapore Worldwide Remittance

Free worldwide remittance

Whether you need to send money back home to family and friends or simply make payments, take advantage of HSBC's Global Transfer. Make fee-free instant transfers to your globally-linked accounts and other HSBC accounts in over 25 countries/regions.

You can also make Worldwide Transfers and send money in as many as 21 currencies, to more than 230 countries/regions.

A man is using an ATM; image used for HSBC Singapore Expat Services

Free cash withdrawals worldwide

  • HSBC exclusive

Enjoy free cash withdrawals from all HSBC ATMs around the world with the HSBC Debit Card, so you never have to be short of cash no matter where you may be1.

Buildings in Singapore; image used for HSBC Singapore For all your property financing needs article

Finance your overseas properties

  • HSBC exclusive

No matter which property you're eyeing, and whether you're looking at it as an investment or residence, we can help you find the right property loan.

The Singapore skyline; image used for HSBC Singapore Quick FX App

FX expertise at your fingertips

Looking for an easier way to manage your foreign currencies? Use the HSBC FX QuickFX mobile app for greater convenience.

A family is riding an elephant; image used for HSBC Singapore Everyday Global Account

Manage your foreign currency deposits with ease

With the Everyday Global Account and Debit Card, access up to 11 different currencies wherever you are.

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1HSBC Jade and Premier Debit Card Cardholders enjoy $0 HSBC ATM fees for overseas cash withdrawals across all ATMs worldwide.

HSBC Personal Banking Debit Card Cardholders enjoy $0 HSBC ATM fees for overseas cash withdrawal at all HSBC ATMs except in Argentina, France, Brazil, Greece, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand and Turkey.

HSBC Fees apply for cash withdrawals at non HSBC ATMs. Please note that for all customers, fees may be applied by the 3rd party banks for cash withdrawals at non-HSBC ATMs worldwide.