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Individual expertise and support

Financial advice and support, tailored to your needs

No matter how good you are with money, there will be times when you want a little advice or support. That’s why our team of Advance Wealth Managers are more than happy to talk with you in person or over the phone. 

Through a Goal Planner discussion, we can help you better understand your financial needs and recommend solutions that would be appropriate to meeting your financial goals. At HSBC, our commitment to fulfilling your needs translates into the way we are measured and rewarded.

Personalised financial review with HSBC Advance Wealth Managers

HSBC is taking the lead in the way we think about serving our customers by putting them at the centre of everything we do and treating them fairly. We are committed to understanding your needs and helping you to achieve your long term goals – and this is how we are measured and rewarded.

Our Advance Wealth Managers will help you to plan for your financial goals and banking/borrowing needs as part of our on-boarding process. If you have queries at any time, simply call our hotline at 1800-227 8886.

30-day reflection period

We understand that important decisions need more time. With HSBC's 30-day Service Pledge, should you change your mind after purchasing any of our eligible products, come back to us within 30 days and we will waive or refund the related fees or charges.

HSBC Goal Planner tool for financial needs analysis

With the HSBC Goal Planner, a financial needs analysis tool developed exclusively for you, our Advance Wealth Managers will be able to uncover your banking, borrowing and wealth management needs, gauge your risk appetite, and recommend financial solutions that best meet your profile and financial goals. These could include investments and insurance, among our suite of solutions available. 

Market insights and investment analysis

In today’s fast-paced world, the only way to stay ahead is to be on top of current global events. Tap into our unique market insights and investment analysis to stay informed about the latest trends and regional news with just a few clicks.