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Women of worth: defining success on their own terms

As more female entrepreneurs enter the business world, many are defining success on their own terms. This often includes prioritising sustainable-business practices over profit seeking. With support and services from HSBC, these leaders are realising their ambitions to create a better world.

Peggy Chan and Winnie Chiu, JP are two such women who are building sustainable futures in their respective industries – and they’ll inspire you to do the same.

Winnie Chiu, JP

President and Executive Director

Dorsett Hospitality International

  • Prioritises social and environmental sustainability throughout the company

  • Provides reusable cutlery to quarantined guests instead of single-use plastics

  • Dorsett Hospitality International has housed many victims of domestic-violence in Hong Kong

  • Works with HSBC to invest in sustainable plant-based companies

Wealth disparity will be a foregoing and greater social problem. And we need to take it upon ourselves now to make a change and to do something. I really feel very strongly that companies should not just be measured by profitability. We need to be measured by ESG and other measurements, because we have to contribute back to society.

Peggy Chan

Founder, Managing Director and Principal Consultant

Grassroots Initiatives Consultancy

  • Founded Grassroots Pantry (GP), a plant-based restaurant in 2012

  • Through conducting an LCA audit and "insetting" carbon emissions by funding regenerative agriculture, GP became one of the first carbon neutral restaurants in Asia

  • Recognised by the United Nations SDG Escap as a best practice case study

  • Currently promoting food literacy education, developing plant-based innovations, bringing technology into F&B to help the industry measure accountability standards while assisting regional farmers scale regenerative agriculture practices.

What I really want to do is to help the industry transition – not just into being more sustainable – because we can no longer just sustain the status quo with the gravity of the situation that we're in. We have to regenerate our planet now.

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