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What is the HSBC QuickFX app and what can I do on it?

HSBC QuickFX app is the first-ever FX specialized mobile app from a bank. Tapping on our strength of wide global network and FX research capabilities, the app brings you a comprehensive suite of FX solutions and benefits. You can:

  • Move funds seamlessly between your HSBC accounts across 26 countries, including UK, USA, Australia, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia with Global Transfers.
  • Make payments and transfer funds to banks outside Singapore e.g. to pay for overseas education, properties and investments using the Worldwide Transfers.
  • Have control over your FX conversion rates by setting alerts or auto-conversions at your preferred rate with FX Order Watch.
  • Easily convert currencies and perform transfers between all your HSBC accounts worldwide and have a consolidated view of your currency balances.
  • Keep updated with the latest market developments to understand potential opportunities.
  • Add your preferred currency pairs and rates to the Watchlist and track your currency performance against the real-time market rates.
  • Manage your recent and past transactional activities more efficiently and use them as templates for future transactions.

How do I use the HSBC QuickFX app?

You can download the App for free from IOS or Google Play store. If you are an existing HSBC customer, you can log into the app using your HSBC Internet Banking user name and password.

How do I make currency conversions?

You will need an Everyday Global Account (EGA) to start currency conversions which can be opened via HSBC Internet Banking if you are an existing HSBC customer or at any HSBC branch if you are a new customer. You will receive an Everyday Global Debit Card upon opening your EGA which provides you with access to up to 11 different currencies* and make currency conversions using:

  1. “Domestic Transfer” at real-time competitive rates
  2. “Set your rate” at your own preferred rates

*Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, US Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Chinese renminbi (Offshore) and Singapore Dollar.

How do I use the HSBC Everyday Global Debit Card?

After you have performed a currency conversion within your EGA via the HSBC QuickFX app, you can make retail purchases, online shopping and cash withdrawal with no FX fee* using the HSBC Everyday Global Debit card.  If you are spending USD100 on your EGA debit card, we will just deduct USD100 from your EGA. It’s that simple, with no hidden charge. Please note that EGA Debit Card does not support Renminbi transactions.

*Applies to successful retail purchase, online shopping and cash withdrawal made via the 9 supported foreign currencies.

You can refer here for more information on Everyday Global Account Debit Card.